Heide Block

Heide Block

B.Sc Physiotherapy (Wits)


I offer a caring, comprehensive  service, based on more than 30  years of experience, 24 years of which have been in private practice 

My interest in the practice has been in treating the whole range of musculo-skeletal problems. This includes neck, back, knee, shoulder, other joint pain, and sport injuries. 

I am mainly a “Hands-On” physiotherapist  and do dry needling,taping and other electro-therapeutic modalities as required.

Many people who work at computers and sit a lot in the day suffer from postural strain. This causes headaches, and neck and back pain. My treatment aims to relieve the pain as well as to prevent recurrence by education and exercises.

There is a proven link between stress and how it affects the body. Treatments through the autonomic nervous system promote relaxation and healing.

I love being a physiotherapist and see myself as a facilitator of healing. Working closely with clients and  other practitioners has offered me great satisfaction and growth.I am a licensed Life Coach and Artist as well.

Phone: 082 414 2090 (text and WhatsApp only)

Nita Hargovan

Nita Hargovan

B.Sc Physiotherapy ( Wits)


After graduating from University of Witwatersrand with a B.Sc Physiotherapy in 2001,  I have had many opportunities to gain professional knowledge and enhance my  personal experiences. 

Charlotte Maxete hospital was my happy “launchpad” with a strong work ethic and  multidisciplinary approach in assessing and treating patients. Working in the UK  (mostly London) for a year further developed my career as well as making strong  connections with friends and colleagues. 

The longest part of my journey, so far ,was 12 happy years running the  physiotherapy division of the Headache Clinic. Ergonomics. repetitive strain  injuries,lifestyle modification and patient education made up a large part of the  management and remediation of this group of patients . The opportunity again to be  a part of the multidisciplinary team gave me a real sense of purpose, aiding a  significant proportion of the patients to have amazing results. 

I have a strong passion for helping people and assisting in the healing process of the  body, this has been called out in my most recent work with chronic pain  management . I have seen how chronic pain impacts both the patient’s lives as well  as family and friends.Physiotherapy plays an important role in the pain science  education of patients as well as the physical treatment. 

I use a variety of modalities with patients:hands-on;electrotherapy techniques  including the Stimpod (which is a powerful tool for modulating the nerves in patients  with pain); Dry needling ;Taping and exercise and advice.  

I like the variety that working in a physio practice like this brings-among others,  orthopaedic , sports injuries , rehabilitation Being in service to people while really  enjoying my work is a real privilege. 

I am a wife and mom to two boys. We love the outdoors and being physically active  is vital and beneficial for us all.

Phone: 0825524027

Email: nitahargovan@gmail.com

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